Minority Front

The Minority Front ( MF) is a South African party. It was founded in November 1993 and will lay claim to represent the interests of all minorities in South Africa. In practice, however, the MF is a party of the ethnic Indian minority, which is mostly located in the province of KwaZulu -Natal in the greater Durban area. Accordingly, this province is their mainstay, while it is completely meaningless in the other provinces. In addition to the protection of minorities, the party addressed known South African problems such as the spread of AIDS, unemployment, poverty and others. From 2009 until his death in December 2011, Amichand Rajbansi was the leader of the Minority Front.

1999, MF for the first time in the South African parliament, put slightly in 2004 to 0.35 % in order to lose a third of their 2009 voters again.