Mira (Portugal)

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Mira is a small town ( Vila ) in Portugal. With the associated fishing village of Praia de Mira she is on the Atlantic Ocean. The distance to the southeastern city of Coimbra is about 38 kilometers.


The community was founded in 1442 by a decree of the regent Peter of Portugal. Full city status was conferred in 1514 by King Manuel I..


The circle

Mira is the seat of an eponymous district ( concelho ) in the district of Coimbra. June 30, 2011 had the circle 12,363 inhabitants in an area of 124 km ².

The neighboring districts are Vagos in the north and Cantanhede the east and south; to the west lies the Atlantic Ocean.

The following municipalities ( Freguesias ) lying in circle Mira:

  • Mira
  • Carapelhos
  • Praia de Mira
  • Seixo


Local holiday

  • July 25


  • France Lagny -sur -Marne (Île- de -France ), France


The economic life of Mira is dominated by agriculture and of fishing / aquaculture and tourism in Praia de Mira, where there are long sandy beaches.


Mira is via the A17 motorway (Auto- Estrada do Litoral Centro) connected to the road network of the country.

The village is part of the nationwide long-distance bus network of speech Expressos.

Before the suspension, the track Ramal da Figueira da Foz 2009 was 17 km in the eastern Cantanhede the nearest railway connection. Reopening after renovation begun in 2009, the route was planned, but since the economic crisis in Portugal as a result of the international financial crisis that began in 2007, initially not announced.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Manuel Pelino Domingues ( b. 1941 ), Bishop of Santarém
  • João Evangelista Lavrador Pimentel ( born 1956 ), Bishop in Porto