Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove ( born May 14, 1993 Los Angeles, California) is an American film actress and pop rock singer.

  • 3.1 studio album
  • 3.2 chart positions


At the age of about three years, Miranda Cosgrove was spotted by a talent scout at a restaurant. At first she was obliged for commercials, including Burger King and McDonald's, and took part in casting process for different roles. In 2003 she made ​​a breakthrough on the side of Jack Black in School of Rock.

In 2003, she landed the role of Megan Parker in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. From 2007 to 2012 she played the lead role of Carly Shay in iCarly series, also from Nickelodeon. Cosgrove also completed several guest appearances in other Nickelodeon shows like Zoey 101 and Unfabulous. She played both in Drake & Josh and the comedy Yours, My & Our sister of Drake Bell. In autumn 2010, Cosgrove received a role in the series The Good Wife. There she played a pop star named Sloan, who had to stand in court for drunk driving.

With iCarly in December 2007 they released their first single together with Drake Bell, entitled Leave It All to Me This, however, was available only in the United States. In June 2008, the record label Columbia Records the iCarly soundtrack brought out with the four songs Leave It All to Me, Stay My Baby, About You Now and Headphones On. About you Now went to number 47 in the Top 100 of the charts and is still their most successful single. This was followed by an extended version of About you Now with two new songs, FYI, and Party Girl. To promote the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Columbia Records released with Miranda Cosgrove a single titled Raining Sunshine. In August 2009, had the same music video premiere. In March 2010 they released their latest album Sparks Fly.

Miranda Cosgrove's debut took place in 2011 Tour Dancing Crazy Tour held in numerous cities across North America. The tour began in Missouri in the United States and ended in Ohio. On 11 August 2011 Cosgrove's tour bus was in Vandalia, Illinois, involved in a traffic accident. Cosgrove broke her ankle, so that the other concerts had to be canceled.

2013 and 2014, she borrowed in the animated film I - Despicable Me and its sequel I - Despicable Me 2 the role of Margo her voice.

In February 2013, it received next to Christina Ricci, the main role of Evie in the NBC pilot Girlfriend in a Coma.



  • 2002: What's New, Scooby -Doo? ( Dubbing voice )
  • 2003: School of Rock
  • 2005: Yours, Mine and Ours ( Yours, Mine and Ours )
  • 2006: Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie ( synchronous voice / Animated Character)
  • 2006: Keeping Up with the Steins
  • 2006: Drake & Josh go to Hollywood ( Drake & Josh Go Hollywood)
  • 2007: Drake & Josh ( episode The king prawn )
  • 2008: iCarly: Trouble in Tokyo ( iCarly: iGo to Japan )
  • 2008: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh ( Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh )
  • 2009: iCarly: evil love ( iCarly: iDate a Bad Boy)
  • 2009: iCarly: Four fists for iCarly ( iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx)
  • 2009: iCarly: The joke ( iCarly: iQuit iCarly )
  • 2009: The secret of the wild mustangs ( The Wild Stallion)
  • 2010: I - Despicable ( Despicable Me) ( dubbing voice )
  • 2011: iCarly: Party with Victorious ( iCarly: iParty with Victorious )
  • 2012: iCarly: Ciao Carly ( iCarly: iGoodbye )
  • 2013: I - Despicable Me 2 ( Despicable Me 2 ) ( dubbing voice )

TV series

  • 2004-2007: Drake & Josh
  • 2007-2012: iCarly

Guest appearances

  • 2001: Smallville ( episode 1x01 )
  • 2004 Grounded for Life ( Grounded for Life, episode 5x05 )
  • 2007: Zoey 101 ( episode 3x18 )
  • 2007: Unfabulous ( episode 3x01 )
  • 2007: Just Jordan ( episode 1x13 )
  • 2008: The Naked Brothers Band ( episode 3x01 )
  • 2010: The Good Wife ( The Good Wife, episode 2x07 )
  • 2010: Big Time Rush (episodes 2x09 and 2x10 )

For the German-speaking Cosgrove was initially synchronized by Adak Azdasht. In the series Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 you borrowed Saskia Neuhaus her voice. In iCarly it is synchronized by Rubina Kuraoka.


Studio album

Chart positions

Awards and nominations

For her performance in The School of Rock Miranda Cosgrove won the 2004 Young Artist Award and an MTV Movie Award. In addition, the iCarly Nick Kids' Choice Award won in 2008 in the category " Favorite TV series", but Miranda Cosgrove did not win in the category " Favorite Actor " in which she was also nominated. 2010 and 2011 won iCarly again the Nick Kids' Choice Award for " Favorite TV Show ".