Mired (short for English microreciprocal degree) is a measure of the color temperature. Following relationship exists between Mired and the other unit commonly used Kelvin:


In practice Dekamired is mostly used 1 Dekamired 10 Mired.

In the photograph is a Mired value or a mired shift factor to the displacement brought about by conversion filter the color temperature. So, for example, corresponds to the effect of a full - orange filter from 6,500 to 3,200 Kelvin a Mired value of 159.

In low color temperature ranges changes the color temperature are more noticeable than in high color temperature ranges. At a color temperature of 6000 K to 100 K, a deviation is practically not perceptible while the same deviation would cause a significant color difference in a color temperature of 3000 K. Since the unit Kelvin carries this non-linear color perception in no way account is used in photography, the unit mired. Its value corresponds to the reciprocal value multiplied by 1,000,000 (see above) the color temperature in Kelvin.


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