Mirny, Sakha Republic

Mirny (Russian Мирный, Yakut Мирнэй / Mirnej ) is a city in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia ) (Russia) with 37 188 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located on the border of Lena Plateau and Wiljuiplateau, about 820 km west of the capital Yakutsk Republic, the river Ireljach, a left tributary of the opening into the Wiljui Otschtschugui - Botuobuija.

The town of Mirny is the Republic of subordinated administratively directly and also the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons ( Ulus ).

Mirny is connected by roads with Lensk and Udatschny and has an airport.

Mirny is the climate class of Permafrost (EF) assign. The average annual temperature is -11.4 ° C, with an average annual rainfall of 509mm.


The first Kimberlitschlot Siberia and the Soviet Union was on August 21, 1954 here by the geologist Larissa Popugajewa discovered and Sarniza called on June 13, 1955 by Ekaterina Jelagina, Yuri Chabardin and Viktor Avdeev the even bigger and more conveniently located vent to me. In the same year, the detailed exploration of the chimney began, and in close proximity by the founding of a settlement which was named after the vent Mirny (Russian Mir for peace; Mirny for peaceful). By 1959, with the start of diamond mining, the town was granted city rights.


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Culture, Education and sights

In Mirny there is a diamond - Research and Project Institute ( Jakutniproalmas ) and a branch of the North - Eastern Federal University.

The city has a museum dedicated to the history of the city and the diamond mining.

Caused a stir in 2005, the establishment of a bust of Stalin on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II.


Mirny is the center of the diamond production in Russia by ALROSA.

In 2001, the diamond mining was discontinued in the meantime more than 500 meters deep vent to me for days and has since been continued underground. Since 1969, the chimney Internazionalnaja ( ⊙ 62.457111111111113.70975400 ) is exploited, first also in the open pit, underground since 1981. Since the 1990s and the dismantling of the vents Jubileinaja and the first discovered Sarniza done, two more have been explored and prepared for degradation ( Botuobinskaja and Njurbinskaja ). In about 450 km northern Udatschny located with the Udatschnaja another great kimberlite mining.

In addition, there are companies in the food and construction industries.