Miss Switzerland

Miss Switzerland (French Miss Suisse, Italian Miss Svizzera, Romansh: Miss Romansch ) is carried out annually beauty pageant for unmarried women in Switzerland. Candidates are assessed by a jury and the TV audience. The winner is awarded the title of Miss Switzerland.

Reigning Miss Switzerland is elected on June 8, 2013 Dominique Rinderknecht.


The current competition is conducted since 1976 by the "Miss Switzerland Organisation AG ". On 1 August 2012, the Cham entrepreneur Guido Fluri took over the "Miss Switzerland Organisation AG " 100 percent. Predecessor was the former film producer Christoph Locher Küsnacht (Canton Zurich ), which has been producing the Cinéfilm AG, among others, the movie -selling happiness by Urs Odermatt. Will be supervised respective candidates and the current Miss Switzerland of Karina Berger, who was himself elected Miss Switzerland 1988.

But long before the Second World War, young ladies could win the title of the most beautiful Swiss. Stefanie job was elected in 1928 to the first Miss Europe; more Swiss participants were 1929 Annie Haussel, 1937 Jacqueline Reyboubet and 1938 Maita Brun. Nelly in 1935, Ulrich from Bern participate in the Miss Universe. Even in the 1950s and 1960s, Swiss Missen successfully participating in international competitions.

Current choice

On 8 June 2013, the last Miss Switzerland election took place. 2012 took place not Miss Switzerland election. The "Miss Switzerland Organisation AG " modified the concept and introduced a new electoral process. The TV show was broadcast live in all parts of Switzerland. The odds of the television show are available, but may not yet be published. Sat 1, Rouge TV and Tele Ticino radiated from the Saturday night show, as well as 6 pre- shows. Winner and new Miss Switzerland was Dominique Rinderknecht. The next election will take place on 11 October 2014.


Miss Switzerland before 1976

Miss Switzerland since 1976