Missa brevis

The term Missa brevis (Latin for " short trade " ) refers to music, two different types of the fair:

  • Setting of the entire Ordinary emphasized in a concise manner with respect to the total length of the service, for example by the text is distributed to different votes and then sung partly simultaneously, particularly common in works of Viennese Classicism.
  • Setting of the Kyrie and Gloria only in contrast to the Missa tota, common especially in the Lutheran church music (see the Lutheran measurement of Johann Sebastian Bach).


  • Missa brevis in F major ( Haydn ) in F ( XXII: 1) " Youth Fair "
  • Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo in B flat major ( XXII: 7, Haydn )
  • Missa brevis in C major K. 258, Mozart
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  • Holy Mass
  • Fair ( music)