Mission (station)

A mission station ( briefly also "Mission " ) is a settlement for the purpose of Christian missionary activity abroad. The historic Christian mission examined the indigenous population from the bottom of their ancestral culture to separate, and to provide them with Christianity at the same time the European culture and values ​​as the target. Modern missionaries search, in contrast, to integrate into local communities.

In some colonies, the mission stations shelters for migrants or settlements formerly nomadic ethnic groups were. Missions were regarded as a useful tool of colonialism, the suppression of traditional culture as well as the guidance of workers. A considerable part of Christian missionaries was involved in this role or even moved them. The missionary Alexander Merensky about 1886 won a contest on the topic: How to best educate the Negroes to work on the plantations.

The colonial churches and settlements in the Spanish colonial America is called to this day mission, see Spanish missions.

Other mission stations examined charitable and emancipatory approaches to realize. They saw the medical and educational activities as part of their missionary work. This made them particularly in southern Africa, the hostility of European settlers in. You were often schools and hospitals connected, such as in Peramiho.

In Australia, Aboriginal mission stations into sanctuaries or ghettos for Aboriginal people on the outskirts were.