Missouri Territory

The Missouri Territory was an organized territory of the United States, which existed 1812-1821. It was originally created as Louisiana Territory and was renamed on 4 June 1812 to avoid confusion with the new state of Louisiana.

The Arkansas Territory was separated on 4 July 1819 by the Missouri Territory. This extended south of a point on the Mississippi River at 36 ° N latitude west to Saint Francis River. From there, following, it was the 36 ° 30 'N latitude western value for territorial limit.

At that time you tried to be even recognized as a separate and independent state in the Union.

It was only on August 10, 1821 Today's State of Missouri was separated with its present boundaries of the remaining territory and admitted as 24th state in the Union.

The remaining portion, consisting of the current states of Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Minnesota, was practically a disordered territory when Missouri became a state. 1834 part of the area was annexed to the east of the Missouri River to the Michigan Territory.