Mitchel Resnick

Mitchel Resnick (1956 ) is an American professor of learning research ( Learning Research ), Director of the Okawa Center, and Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Life and work

Resnick earned a bachelor's degree in Physics from Princeton University (1978 ) and Master's and PhD degrees in Computer Science at MIT (1988, 1992). He worked for five years as a science writer for BusinessWeek grappled primarily with the use and benefits of the computer for learning and teaching.

Using digital technologies and based on constructivist learning theories Mitchel Resnick promotes the creative potential of children and young people and designed appropriate learning and experimentation environments. The example used programmable devices. In collaboration with the LEGO company 's working group developed softwares. A new generation of programmable bricks Resnick has introduced the cricket, which are intended to promote artistic and creative learning projects and experiments. The slogan of the " knowledge society", it sets the future concept of " creative society " or the " Company Creativity " contrary to leverage knowledge and human potential for creative design and creative solution of tasks and problems. The use of digital toys mainly serves the purpose of releasing these creative potentials early to promote and develop.

Resnick's group developed in 2007 a ​​new programming language called Scratch, which allows children to create their own animated stories, video games and interactive art, and publish on the Internet. Resnick is working on further generations of programmable devices and also participates in the project One Laptop per Child.



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