Mitiaro, also called Nukuroa, is the fourth largest in the Southern Cook Islands.

It is located about 37 km northeast of Mauke, which ( as the three roots), together with Mitiaro and Atiu Island group Nga Pu Toru within the South Islands. Mitiaro is a typical Upscale atoll with a ring of dead coral, which is characteristic of the southern islands. The interior of the island is largely flat and has with Rotonui and Rotoiti two brackish water lakes. Mitiaro has a diameter of 6.4 km, an area of ​​about 22 square kilometers and had at the last official census ( 2006) 219 inhabitants, who live mainly in the settlements Takaue and Arai. Mitiaro has no port, but an airport, the Mitiaro or Nukuroa Airport ( IATA: MOI, ICAO: NCMR ), which is only served by Air Rarotonga.

The main export products are Mitiaros iTiki, an endemic eels, and Tiporo, a Limettenart; but the inhabitants live mostly on tourism or self-catering.

The first Europeans to Mitiaro was the missionary John Williams, who visited (not to be confused with James Cook's ship of the same name ), the island on 20 July 1823 the Endeavour.


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