Mitsui & Co.

Mitsui Bussan K. K. (Japanese三井 物产 株式会社, Mitsui Bussan Kabushiki - gaisha, .. engl Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ) is a Japanese conglomerate. As one of the seven traditional large trading companies ( sogo shosha ) it is the largest company of the Mitsui Group and one of the largest companies in Japan.

In its present form, the company was established in 1947 as Daiichi Bussan, the first precursor under the name of Mitsui Bussan dated to the year 1876. Prior to the Second World War, Mitsui Bussan was part of the Mitsui zaibatsu, which was shattered in 1945 by the occupation authorities.

In fiscal year 2007/ 08 ( April 1 to March 31 ) was the profit of the company 401 billion yen ( 2.4 billion euros ), of which 124 billion yen in corporate energy and 177 billion yen was generated in commodities. At the balance sheet total of 9.8 trillion yen energy ( 1.56 trillion. Yen) and Machinery & Infrastructure (1.67 trillion. Yen) have the largest shares.

Mitsui Bussan has 161 offices in 68 countries and 565 worldwide subsidiaries. The largest shareholders (as of 31 March 2007), the Master Trust Bank of Japan with 11.23% of the shares and the Japan Trustee Services Bank with 9.13%.