Mitumba Mountains

The Mitumba Mountains located in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It extends up to 1,735 m high and is part of the Great African grave breach.


In the north- west and the north the mountain passes in the highlands of Marungu in the vast Congo Basin and the North East. In the east, the mountains close to Kundelungu. To the south and west of the mountain passes into Lundaschwelle to Angola.

Main rivers

These rivers subsequently flows from the south through the mountains to the north: Lualaba ( Congo ), Lufira, Luvua. Spring on the southern shores: Zambezi, Kabompo, Lunga. To the west and east flowing rivers no.

Biggest Towns

- 8.98647526.9247638888891735Koordinaten: 8 ° 59 ' S, 26 ° 55' O

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