Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen

The term Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (usually abbreviated to MON) comes from English and means " Mixed oxides of nitrogen".

There are solutions of Nitric Oxide (NO) in dinitrogen tetroxide / nitrogen dioxide ( N2O4 / NO2). They can be used as the oxidant, for example in the rocket engines. A plurality of mixing ratios in use, often referred to as Monitor. Here, i represents the percentage of nitrogen monoxide in the mixture (for example, contains MON1 1% nitric oxide and nitric oxide MON3 3% ). An upper limit is MON40 (40 weight percent NO).

When used as a storable oxidant rocket engines, the nitrogen monoxide is always dissolved in the, at normal temperatures, liquid oxidizer dinitrogen tetroxide, and the amount of dissolved nitric oxide is relatively low. In Europe, MON 1 or 3 is usually used for rocket propulsion, in the U.S., however most MON 3

The melting point of the mixture ( MON) of nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen tetroxide is substantially lower than that of pure dinitrogen tetroxide. Also an increase of the NO component results in a lower corrosivity of the fuel, however, the manufacturing cost increases greatly, and the oxidizing power decreases.


MON is how its components Nitric oxide and dinitrogen tetroxide and nitrogen dioxide very toxic, oxidising, such as nitric oxide and caustic.