Mizunami, Gifu

Mizunami (Japanese瑞 浪 市, - shi) is a Japanese city in Gifu Prefecture on the island of Honshu. It is located southeast of the capital of the prefecture Gifu.


The city Mizunami was founded on April 1, 1954.


Mizunami located west of Ena.

The river Kiso flows through the city from northeast to northwest.


  • Street: Chūō - highway
  • National Road 19
  • National Road 21
  • National Road 363.419
  • Nakasendō
  • JR Chūō Main Line


Mizunami has 7 elementary, 7 middle and three high schools ( Reitaku Mizunami middle and high school, Chūkyō High School and the prefecture high school Mizunami ). Higher education is (中 京 短期 大学, Chūkyō - tandaigaku ) covered by the Chūkyō Junior College.

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