MJAFT! (Albanian for " Enough! " ) is an Albanian non-governmental organization, which has set itself a change in the political culture and practices of the country to the destination.


MJAFT! are as their target to the activation of civil society, strengthening the social sense of responsibility, transparency and control of policy decisions at all levels and improving the image of Albania abroad. With a stable democracy and transparency of decisions prosperity is to be promoted in the country. This will be achieved by strengthening citizen participation at all levels, promotion of " grass-roots initiatives " and volunteer work and rehabilitation of the political expressions of protest.

In a created in April 2005 interview with the U.S. NPR, the then spokesman Erion Veliaj designated to overcome it as the most important task of the organization, the political apathy of the Albanian citizens. You have put in your lap in the 90 years after the end of the communist regime too early hands. MJAFT! entertain foreign contacts with similar organizations from Macedonia to Iraq, but the organization is " home-grown " and its activities were not comparable to the " color revolutions " in Georgia, Serbia and Ukraine.


The organization was created from a multi- month campaign by NGOs in 2003, which turned against poverty and unemployment, the desolate education and health, corruption, pollution, blood revenge and discrimination against women. It was founded in August 2003. In the same year she reached the dismissal of the Albanian Interior Minister because he had slapped a journalist, as well as the increase in spending on education. In 2004, she encouraged the parliamentary discussion of a new media law, was triggered by a court ruling against the newspaper Koha Jone, because these incriminating documents had been published. She supported protests against the mistreatment of Albanian migrants in Greece, which led there to the adoption of an anti -discrimination law. In the spring of 2004, she was heard by the committee of the U.S. Congress for Security and Cooperation in Europe on the situation in Albania. In October 2005, she took a fatal accident of 16 Kosovars Fushë - Arrez as an opportunity to demand steps to improve Albania's road network. An investment made before the 2005 elections poll resulted in a legal dispute with the pollster Gallup, which accused it of improper use of their name, MJAFT! rejected this accusation. In 2006, she carried out a further survey on the satisfaction of voters with the new government. After the tsunami in 2005 she organized the dispatch of a team of Albanian doctors to Indonesia.

Other priorities of the Organization are the campaign une votoj! ( "I choose " ) to encourage participation, support for women in politics and equality of disabled people.


According to the company MJAFT has! 8000 supporting members can mobilize activists in 1000, making it the largest NGO in Albania. It maintains seven " clubs " in the cities Përmet, Kukes, Shkodra, Vlora, Elbasan, Korca and Gjirokastra; the headquarters is located in Tirana. The local management is comprised of 25 employees. Among the sponsors of the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare heard.

MJAFT! does not see itself as a political party or opposition, but also as a citizen movement that wants to bring about change in the country.

To support the organization was established in August 2004, the Fondacioni MJAFT! ( MJAFT! Foundation ) founded, which is financed through donations and sale of products .. MJAFT! is supported to a large extent by foreign embassies and NGOs.

MJAFT! collaborates with the regional UNDP program RIVERSEE and received in 2004 the United Nations Vienna Civil Society Award.