Mjørkadalur [ ˌ mjœɻka dɛalʊɹ ] is not the place of the Faroe Islands in the true sense, but a base for the Danish Navy ( Færøernes command ) on the main island Streymoy, which serves as the command center of the radar installation on top of the Sornfelli.

  • Population: 0 ( 1 January 2007)
  • Postal code: -
  • Municipality: Tórshavnar municipal

The station took on August 16, 1963 to operate. On the Sornfelli in 749 meters, is the associated radar station that is part of the chain of NATO's early warning stations around the Arctic Circle.

The street 10 of Tórshavn after Mjørkadalur was expanded into one of the most important main roads in the Faroe Islands after the 1966 NATO suitable for this distribution of the Faroese national government. Later led this road in the north of the island and connects the capital with Vestmanna in the west and the bridge to Eysturoy in the east. Today, with the resultant long-distance transport is, however, passed through the ( safer ) coastal road on the east coast Streymoys and the tunnel behind Kaldbaksbotnur.