Mk 6 helmet

The Mk 6 helmet and its successor, the Mark 6A, the standard helmets of the British armed forces. The Mk 6 replaced the Mk III and the Mk 5 of 1986. In the design of the helmet has been taken to ensure that the new helmet a high performance hearing protection and communication electronics can be integrated. In addition, the soldiers should be able to wear the helmet with gas mask underneath. The helmet is manufactured by NP Aerospace. The standard design of the helmet is kept in a dark green. According to the different areas of application uses the British army fabric coatings with appropriate Camouflage ( Camouflage, Wintertarn etc.). For operations under the command of the UN standing in blue fabric coatings available. The nickname of the helmet among the soldiers is " Bowler ". The Mk 6 is not - as is often claimed - Kevlar, but from " Ballistic Nylon".

Mk 6A

Since 2005, the Mk 6 is gradually being replaced by the improved version, the Mk 6A, the two helmets are externally almost indistinguishable from each other. Fighting or stationed abroad units are preferably equipped with the new helmet. The Mk 6A is again manufactured by NP Aerospace. The Mk 6A provides better protection against splinters and projectiles, but is also a bit heavier. The soldier Craig Harrison survived thanks to his Mk 6A, 2009 in Afghanistan a hit in the head almost unharmed.