MK Airlines


MK Airlines was founded in 1990 in Ghana by its CEO Mike Kruger. It was the largest cargo airline in the UK and the 21st - largest in the world. In April 2010, she has stopped for financial reasons flight operations.


As of July 2009, the fleet of the MK Airlines consisted of ten aircraft:

As of October 2010, no more aircraft to the Company is registered.


In the years between 1992 and 2004 a total of four total losses were registered due to accidents. Probably the most serious occurred on 14 October 2004 in Halifax, Canada. The Boeing 747- 244B ( SF) with the registration 9G - MKJ was on the flight Luxembourg -US Halifax- Zaragoza - Luxembourg (flight number MK 1602). Before starting in Halifax drowsy crew was a false start weights in the on-board computer, which a start was very difficult, because the starting speed was not enough. The rear of the fully loaded machine slipped when trying to start an ILS transmitter and an embankment and broke off. The machine rolled over into an adjacent forest and burned out completely. Of the seven crew members, none survived the disaster.