MKB Bank

MKB Bank (formerly Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank) is the third largest bank in Hungary.

The Magyar Külkereskedelmi bank was founded in 1950. It focused primarily on the promotion of foreign trade and the participation in international payments. While the banking reforms in 1987 MKB Bank received a full banking license. After a nationwide network of branches has been established. Due to the General Assembly on 15 July 1994, the first domestic privatization of a major bank was decided.

MKB Bank has acquired 60 per cent of Union Bank in Bulgaria on May 3, 2006. MKB Bank has subsidiaries in Bulgaria ( MKB Bank Sofia ) and Romania ( Nextebank ). BayernLB has gone already in 1994 in the MKB Bank. The MBK Bank has more than 220,000 residential and 38,000 business customers.

The management lies at Tamás Erdei (since 1991 ), Dr. Pál Simak and Dr. Imre Balogh.


  • MKB Pension Fund
  • MKB Health Fund
  • MKB Investment Fund
  • MKB insurance
  • MKB Euro Leasing

Insurance In 2006, the Bavarian Insurance Chamber (50 percent), BayernLB ( 25 percent) and MKB Bank (25 per cent) together founded the two insurance companies:

  • MKB Általános Biztosító Zrt.
  • MKB Életbiztosító Zrt.