Mkrtich Khrimian

Mkrtitsch Chrimjan (also Mkrtich Khrimian and Mkrtitsch Chrimian, popularly called Hayrik / Father, Armenian Մկրտիչ Խրիմեան; * April 4, 1820 in Van, † October 27, 1907 in Jerusalem) was an Armenian church leader, journalist and writer.


In 1854 he was ordained a priest in Aghtamar monastery monk. In 1868 he was ordained a bishop. 1869-1873 he worked as Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople Opel. He used his office to the suffering of the Armenian community of Istanbul, capital of the miserable living conditions of the Armenians in Ottoman Anatolia, to familiarize, and turned in protest notes to the Sultan. Since he was considered too radical, he had to resign. Nevertheless, he was entrusted in 1878 with the leadership of the Armenian delegation at the Congress of Berlin. Disappointed, he returned and was known for his sermon on the tin dipper, which should be a turning point in the Armenian political consciousness. ( According to this sermon the successful Balkan peoples ladle of metal were instead those made of paper, with which the Armenians had been fobbed off. )

1880 to 1885 he was a prelate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Van, focusing his efforts on the education sector. In 1890 he was exiled to his recall to Constantinople Opel to Jerusalem.

1892-1907 he was the " Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians " in Echmiadzin (then Russian Armenia ). He was anointed only in September 1893 as he arrived for lack of rice permission in the Ottoman Empire a year after his election to Echmiadzin. Khrimian Hayrig attempted secession by the Catholicosate of political paternalism and opposed especially the Tsarist confiscation edict of 1903 against the Armenian Apostolic Church. The protest resulted in the months before the Russian Revolution of 1905 the Tsar to the revocation of the Edict. 1907 died Khrimian Hayrig, who had greatly strengthened the authority of the Catholicosate of Etchmiadzin.