Mlabri people

The Mlabri, (also Mla, Mla -Bri, Mabri, Mrabri, Yumbri, Ma Ku, Yellow Leaf, Phii Dtong Lueang, spirits of the yellow leaves ) are members of a hitherto little explored mountain people in the eastern North of Thailand. The population size was specified in 1993 with 200. Some other Mlabri (30-50 ) live mostly acculturated in Laos. Your migration area was cross-border ever since.

The from the Thai ผีตองเหลือง ( pronunciation: [ p ʰ ǐ tɔŋ lʉ̌aŋ ] - Spirits of the Yellow Leaves ) originating foreign designation is due to the custom of the Mlabri to leave a hastily erected shelter from banana leaves as soon as the leaves were discolored, because so were the abandoned windbreaks for many years the only trace found Thai and Lao fighters over the forest dwellers. The Mlabri were hunters and gatherers and lived in the nearby neighborhood of Nan for ages. The Mlabri are now forced as former nomadic to a sedentary life, a village is led by a mission, another is under the care of the Hmong.

The language of the Mlabri the Khmu group of the Mon-Khmer languages ​​is attributed. The Danish linguist Jørgen Rischel has written a work on " the Mlabri ".