MLDonkey is a free file sharing program that can access different networks.

The following networks are supported:

The support of Gnutella and Gnutella2 was abandoned since version 2.9.0, as they are maintained by any maintainer.

In addition, HTTP, FTP and SFTP-/SCP-Downloads can be performed with MLDonkey.

MLDonkey is designed primarily for Unix - based systems (GNU / Linux, various BSDs, Mac OS X / Darwin), now there is also a working Windows port.

One of the big differences to comparable software applications such as Kazaa or Lopster is the strict separation into a core application ( Core), which provides the actual functionality is available, and a surface that provides interaction with the user. There are three different protocols available:

  • HTTP - There is access via a web browser on a web interface (as long as the program on the local host via ).
  • Telnet - The core can be completely controlled via Telnet.
  • Own MLDonkey GUI protocol - There are several GUI clients, which allow access.

This separation is particularly attractive to control the core of another computer. It just needs to establish a connection (using one of the three variants mentioned ) in order to sell commands. No connection of the user interface for MlDonkey core is necessary to download themselves.

MLDonkey can refer to the same file simultaneously from the eDonkey2000 network and the Overnet and offer there is thus a hybrid like the official eDonkey2000 client.