MLS is an acronym for:

  • The abbreviation for members of the Indian parliament Lok Sabha
  • Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség, the Hungarian Football Federation
  • Major League Soccer, the North American professional league football
  • Martin Luther School, name of various schools
  • Marxist-Leninist students, Austrian higher education organization
  • Master of Legal Science, an academic degree that can be obtained at the University of Continuing Education Krems
  • Maximum Length Sequence, one of the noise -like signal, but which repeats itself after a certain time
  • Metrology Light Source, an electron storage ring of PTB
  • Microlaryngoscopy, a medical approach to examination of the larynx using a laryngoscope
  • Microwave Landing System, a landing system from the aerospace
  • Mobile control center, a common name for the command vehicle in Austria
  • Molecular Life Science, a course of study at the University of Lübeck
  • Molecular Life Sciences, an interdisciplinary course
  • Mouvement pour la Liberation de la Sarre, the Movement for the Liberation of the Saar from 1945
  • Moving Least Squares, a method for the approximation of surfaces from a set of points in space
  • Multi-level security systems that separate computer data from different security levels
  • Multilayer switch, a multi-function device that is a combination of router and switch
  • Multiple Listing Service, a database in the real estate industry
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