The abbreviation MM, MM may refer to:

  • Euro Atlantic Airways, Portuguese airline after the IATA airline code
  • Malignant melanoma, malignant tumor of the skin
  • Mälzel metronome, measure of the tempo of a musical piece, see beats per minute
  • Mannheimer Morgen, daily newspaper
  • Man month, a measure of the amount of work, which provides an average person in one month
  • Maryknoll missionary order
  • Marilyn Manson, American rock band
  • Marilyn Monroe, American actress and singer
  • Märklin - Motorola format for the digital model railroad control
  • Machinery, journal
  • Master-Master, a method in fieldbus systems
  • Matheus Müller in Eltville, traditional sparkling wine
  • MM, " Messieurs ," French form of address for men (plural )
  • Mexico to the ICAO code
  • Tenant magazine ( which - even legal - magazine for members of the Berlin tenant association )
  • Might and Magic, developed by Jon Van Caneghem series of computer role-playing games
  • Migros market, medium-sized supermarket in Switzerland
  • Minority opinion in jurisprudence
  • MM code, hidden security feature of German debit cards
  • MM ( motorcycle manufacturer), former Italian motorcycle manufacturer
  • Molecular Manufacturing ( German Molecular Manufacturing )
  • To control money management a method to reduce the risk of a portfolio of securities
  • Meniere's disease
  • Moving Magnet, design or construction of a magnetic pickup for records
  • Multimedia Message
  • Multiple Master Typefaces to design and reproduction of fonts from Adobe
  • Multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow
  • Cervix
  • Myanmar ( Burma), country code according to ISO 3166

MM as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: district-free city Memmingen
  • UK: Manchester
  • Italy: Marina Militare, Italian Navy
  • Romania: Maramureş County
  • Turkey: Foreigners with residence permit

M. M. stands for:

  • Master of mediation, an academic degree

The abbreviation Mm denotes:

  • K.D.St.V. Markomannia Würzburg in CV
  • Mega meters, 1 million meters or 1,000 km, unusual SI unit of length

The abbreviation mM called:

  • Unit of amount of substance concentration corresponds to mmol / liter
  • In my opinion (after )

The abbreviation Mm. referred to:

  • Musculi, the majority of the Latin word musculus

. mm, mm stands for:

  • Manu militari = forcibly
  • Mm = 10-3 meters, an SI unit of length
  • ( file extension *. mm) own storage format for Mind Maps of FreeMind program
  • Liters per square meter, see precipitation
  • Top -level domain of Myanmar, see. Mm

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