Mobile digital media player

A Portable ( Multi) Media Player (English for portable media player, in short: PMP) is a vehicle equipped with a hard disk or flash memory electronic device, similar to a portable MP3 player. A portable media player can not only save audio files in addition to other media content like videos, images, and text, but also to play.


The most important feature of Portable media players is its versatility: you can, for example, video ( including MPEG, DivX, and Xvid), audio ( including MP3, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis ) or images ( including BMP, JPEG, and GIF), load text, etc., save and play or record. They have generally a LCD or OLED screen. Some portable media players may replaceable SD, MMC, etc. Read, exchange data via USB, have a far-reaching administrative function and even an Internet connection to download tracks from online music stores.

Since most modern MP3 players already play videos in mobile format, and most phones have an MP3 or media player implements the distinction between mobile phones, MP3 and media players becomes increasingly blurred.

Mostly, they are powered by electricity, as well as today's mobile phones, a built-in Li -ion battery, which can often be charged via the USB or mini- USB port.


The best-known manufacturers of PMPs are Archos, Apple (iPod), Cowon ( iAudio ), Samsung ( Yepp YP or short ) and Sony ( Walkman, PlayStation Portable). A Portable Media Player with free software that can run cool games and personal applications, the GP2X. There are also devices made ​​with the mobile and open Android operating system the company Google.