Mobi Linux is developed by MontaVista embedded Linux distribution that was developed specifically for use in smartphones.

Mobi Linux is based on open source and open-standards technology. Mobi Linux works with the Linux 2.6 kernel and a graphical user interface which is based on the GTK and kdrive.

Telephones, which are based on mobilization Linux:

  • Motorola A728
  • Motorola A760
  • Motorola A768
  • Motorola A780
  • Motorola A910
  • Motorola E680
  • Motorola E680i
  • Motorola E895
  • NEC N700i
  • NEC N900iL
  • NEC N901iC
  • NEC N902i
  • Panasonic P700i
  • Panasonic P901i
  • Panasonic P902i