Mobipocket SA, a French subsidiary of, based in Paris, produced with the Mobipocket Reader, a free software for visualization and management of e-books, texts, e - News and other publications on mainly smaller electronic devices (such as PDAs and mobile phones ) and especially the Amazon Kindle series.

The software is proprietary; the previous distinction between a free and paid version of an extended, there are now no more - all features are now available free of charge, but only on some older PDAs and smartphones, which currently spread decreases greatly. Since onset of the boom of multi-touch smartphones and tablets based on the operating systems iOS, Android, etc. there seems to be no more development.

The Kindle series of e-book readers use the " mobi" format an evolution of the originally developed by Mobipocket standards " prc ". In addition, use Amazon for fee-based e -books encryption this " mobi" files " azw ", the display of a document on one hardware Kindle device or a copy of a Kindle app ( available free of charge for Windows PC, iOS, Android ) allows.

Amazon offers " KindleGen " a software that generates this format. One can view this as a successor to the Mobipocket Creator.

Unencrypted Mobipocket files ( prc or mobi ) can be read on the newer platforms but across numerous third-party apps.

Depending on the device the Kindle apps and the Kindle readers are several features in the Mobipocket Reader available. These include in particular the management of books and their metadata assignment in any number of categories, auto scroll, rotate the view by 90 ° / 180 °, bookmarks, own hyperlinks within one or between different documents, marks, comments and writable with pens inserted blank pages. If one transfers the document to a different device type, there unknown functions are ignored, ie they are not available, but will not be deleted or changed.

There is also a version of the Mobipocket Reader for personal computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system, with which you can import various file formats, including other HTML, PDF, TXT, and Microsoft Office formats. So you can create your own documents in the Mobipocket format. Etc. PRC and use his comments, bookmarks on all of its devices, as far as these dominate the functions.

The freely available program Calibre also allows the conversion of many data formats (doc, html, epub ... ) in the mobi format for the Kindle.

It should be noted that so far neither the text itself nor the annotations to print or export may, without all the items individually to mark by hand and copying via the clipboard - further use or disclosure of the contents and annotations is not yet so do not efficiently possible. This is not far thrived despite ongoing discussions with rights holders and publishers and also hardly to be expected.