Mobius Motors

The company Mobius Motors is a company based in Mombasa, Kenya automakers. The company exists since 2010 and was founded by computer scientist Joel Jackson. In the summer of 2011, the company first drew attention with two prototypes to be.

With the new company wants to Joel, who worked as a director at social enterprise called Komaza before, fill in the gap of the lack of public transportation in the African countries. The most important finding, which he won during his time at Komaza, was that, especially in the African countries, the rural population is disadvantaged by insufficient supply due to inadequate transport. Thus, the socio -economic development is greatly inhibited, which in turn forms an extreme bottleneck for future growth and growing prosperity. One of the biggest problems is developed in the field of education. Many children have to travel several kilometers on foot to attend classes the next school. Similarly, the transport of goods, such as the food, is very difficult for the families and farmers by the lack of transportation. So they are forced to carry the goods on their heads for miles. The transport problems but also communities, physicians and hospitals, where the absence of the corresponding transport an economic weakening occurs and medical- care facilities a deficiency often even has, according to the death.

In order to provide appropriate means of transport for these target groups, particular attention is paid to the price. Chinese and European vehicles are unaffordable for many citizens due to the expensive luxury and safety technology. While Mobius Motors also provides an increased emphasis on safety, functionality and affordability are still in first place in customer interest. A small batch production, the company intends to take at least 2012. The large-scale production, the management hopes in any case, is to start around 2020. Meanwhile, should occasionally be followed by further prototypes.

The first model developed is the van or station wagon, called Mobius One. This is based on a tubular steel monocoque, which is also designed as a roll cage, and thus maintains the structural continuity and stability. For the safety of the occupants, there is a front and rear crumple zones to absorb impact forces in the event of a collision. On all five seats belts as well as the neck and head restraints are available. The brake system has both front and back of a single-wheel suspension, in order to guarantee the necessary redundancy, in consequence of a mechanical failure. The vehicle has been specifically designed for the needs of African consumers. So the vehicle has a good suspension, which is essential for unpaved roads and degraded. As offroader the vehicle with its 14-inch tires, however, not to be regarded as the operational capability is only for flat and slightly hilly landscape. The chassis is mounted directly to the chassis. Although the model has a large trunk, the model should be as standard with a roof rack, so as to allow for the safe transport of larger items. The motor used has a displacement of 2,000 cc and comes from the house of Toyota. Likewise, the transmission, the steering and the brakes come from the Japanese house.

The Mobius Two has the same design and the same technical and mechanical equipment as the One. Differences lie here in the engine and in some parts. So here comes another for example suspension used. Furthermore, the use of aluminum sheets significantly reduced, turned out to be too costly in processing. The engine used here has indeed also a displacement of 2,000 cm ³, is in its overall size but much smaller than that of its predecessor, to save weight.

The third concept vehicle named Mobius Three is currently in development. Which model will be the first production vehicle in the brand currently is not fixed yet. The fixed price shall in any case with around 445,000 Kenyan shillings are imported from Asia Auto rickshaws still under the.