Moblin was an open source project, which has set the development of a specifically on Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs ) and other classes of devices such as netbooks and nettops customized Linux distribution to the target. Intel launched the website in July 2007 and extended the page significantly in April 2008 with the release of the Intel Atom processor family at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai. The Intel Atom processor family targets MIDs, nettops and other market segments where low power consumption and low cost are critical. On the website there is a software development kit, the source code for all major components of the Moblin platform, documentation and sample code.

The Moblin project was canceled and transferred to MeeGo.

Main components

  • Moblin Image Creator (MIC ): it allows developers to create custom Linux file system for a device. With MIC, a platform developer decide which components of Moblin he wants to use on his device, develop the desired target system, store the necessary files to a USB stick and load on the target.
  • Kernel: Platform-specific patches to the Linux kernel and many other device drivers.
  • UI Framework: screen interface and its underlying GTK -based framework that uses the Hildon application framework.
  • Power Management Policy: expanded and improved existing "Linux Power Management " options.
  • Browser: the Moblin Browser is a full featured web browser based on Mozilla, with a fingergesteuertem user interface and a "MID - UI " integration. The Moblin browser plugins like Adobe Flash.
  • Multimedia: audio and video playback and image viewer, including the Helix or GStreamer multimedia framework.
  • Linux Connection Manager: Internet connections that can be extended by plugins to support different, even wireless, networks.


Moblin v2.1 was released on November 5, 2009. Under mini notebook users Moblin gained some attention by demonstrating boot time of five seconds on a Asus EeePC 901 with SSD. Since the hardware basis for many mini laptops is identical to Moblin can be installed on many devices. With a traditional hard drive, the system with GUI is fully operational within 13 seconds. On 15 February 2010, Nokia and Intel announced a collaboration. Moblin is fused with the cell phone and Maemo Linux is now being developed as MeeGo.

Participants and partners

The Moblin project was sponsored by Intel. More suppliers are working on Linux distributions that are compatible with Moblin:

  • Canonical is working on a special version of Ubuntu Linux in the form of the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition
  • Pixrt SRL developed a version of RXART Linux ( also known as Rxart mobility and iBlog edition).
  • Red Flag developed a technique known as MIDINUX distribution.
  • Novell wants with MSI to bring out a netbook with openSUSE Moblin ( Goblin).

Since the publication of the first Moblin -based MIDs in the summer of 2008, the focus of the project on the development of the core system also has shifted to assist in porting and developing new applications for Moblin. Intel sponsored a number of developing competitions, especially with regard to developers in India to afford the Moblin application startup help.