Moby ( born September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York; bourgeois Richard Melville Hall ) is an American musician, singer, guitarist, disc jockey and music producer.

Life and work

Richard Melville Hall grew up in Darien, Connecticut on. Derived from the novel Moby Dick, his great-great- great-uncle Herman Melville, he received as a child nicknamed Moby. This he chose later as an artist name.

In school he founded in 1982 a hardcore punk band called the Vatican Commandos and was crossing singer of the punk band Flipper. After abandoning his college degree in religion and philosophy, he went to New York, where he made ​​his first steps as a DJ.

In 1990 Moby's first single, Time's Up, which he produced along with Jared Hofmann, the founder of the New York label Instinct Records, under the name of The Brotherhood. The title was the first publication of the newly founded label, later published musicians like DJ Cam, Kruder & Dorfmeister and Marianne Faithfull on the. The single also appeared in a small edition of the German record label Low Spirit.

Breakthrough with Go (Wood Tick Mix)

His track Go ( Wood Tick Mix) (usually known only as Go, but this is a completely different version, which was released in 1990 on the EP Mobility ) was in the summer of 1991, a top ten hit in the UK charts. In the USA the title in the spring of 1992 moved into the top 20 of dance charts. The melody is based on Angelo Badalamenti's re-enacted Laura Palmer 's Theme from the television series Twin Peaks director David Lynch. Subsequently, the debut album Moby, which brought with Drop a Beat and Next Is the E two more dance hits, which moved into the Top 10 was released. The UK version of the album contained rather than drop a Beat the title Thousand. Because of its up to 1000 bpm he found in 1993 as by then the fastest piece of music in the Guinness Book of Records. With Move ( You Make Me Feel so Good) he made it in October 1993 for the first time at the top of the U.S. dance charts.

After his first successes Moby Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Orbital, and the B -52's was as a remixer for Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, committed. He also rapped on the track Recoil Curse. In 1995 he founded his own record label published Trophy Records, in which he exclusively own material under various pseudonyms ( Lopez, Voodoo Child, DJ Cake ). The musical style of the five published in the period 1995 to 1997 publications, moves the Hard - House genre.

His third album Everything Is Wrong Moby published in 1995. With the song Hymn he first came in the Swiss charts, Feeling so real was also present in Austria and Germany in the Top 20. The LP was in Germany and the UK in the album charts.

The following years were less successful, the influence of alternative rock album Animal Rights from 1996, as well as the compilation I Like to Score with film tracks a year later, lagged behind its predecessors. Only a "re - version" of the James Bond theme, the dies for the James Bond film The morning was never used, was an international hit, the second time he thus reached # 1 on the U.S. dance charts and the top ten UK charts.

The bestsellers album Play

With the album Play Moby in 1999 returned to the dance direction and thus fully met the mainstream. Initially, he had difficulties to get back the attention of music buyers, but with the long series of successful extractions to greater interest in the album, the number one reached in the UK ten months after publication and charting, where he was honored with a 5x platinum. It is his best-selling album copies sold are double platinum in the U.S. and over 10 million worldwide. The fourth single Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad was particularly in German-speaking countries, the successful extraction and reached all the Top 4 Porcelain was his only Top 5 hit in the UK and South Side, which was sung by Gwen Stefani, was the only song by Moby, it entered the Billboard Hot 100 managed ( 14th). It was the eighth of nine extractions with a total of 18 songs on the album.

2002 Moby entered the final event of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and played his hit We Are All Made of Stars in a special live version. The original version appeared as a pre-release to the next album 18 Although it achieved global leadership positions, including many number-one rankings among other things, in the German-speaking countries and in the UK, but both in sales and in the number of hits could not do it at the high requirements of play tie.

The album's song Extreme Ways was produced as a theme song for the movie thriller The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon and in the sequel The Bourne Supremacy (2004 ) for recognizing music expanded. In the third part of the series ( The Bourne Ultimatum ) is Extreme Ways in a slightly modified version of the theme song also. In the fourth part of " The Bourne Legacy " is to place before the beginning of the credits. The song is in a long line of Moby songs that was produced for movies or used in them. Among other things used in 2000 in The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio the song Porcelain and 2003 in Seabiscuit the song Everloving. In Heat 1995 Moby is heard ( a cover of Joy Division ) with the single New Dawn Fades. At the end of the film God moving on the Face of Waters by Moby is playing. In the movie Gone in 60 seconds Single Flower is the opening melody. In the film adaptation of the U.S. TV series Miami Vice ( 2006) is to hear the song One of synthesis Mornings. In 2010, he also controlled the four songs Sweet Dreams, division, and Mistake Be the One to the soundtrack of the thriller 72 hours - The Next Three Days at.

Career from 2005

With three years distance Moby, released in 2005 the next album Hotel, which filed behind the predecessor of commercial success. The biggest hit was the pre-release first single Lift Me Up. Three years later, Last Night, the album remained at the worldwide sales below the one million mark. With Disco Lies, I Love to Move in Here it took the number - one hits three and four in the U.S. dance charts. 2008 put Moby on at the final rally of the Love Parade in Dortmund.

The next studio album, Wait for Me was released on 26 June 2009. In an interview with the director David Lynch Moby referred to its influence. For the song Shot in the Back of the Head Lynch produced an animated film.

The following year, Moby founded with Phil Costello, Dave Hill and Tomato the heavy metal band Diamond Snake as a studio and live project.

Destroyed, his tenth studio album, was released on May 16, 2011. Among the same name Moby, also published in May a picture book. To see it are homemade photographs, which were previously developed in the years around the world in different places.

Moby stands up for animal rights and vegan. In addition to his career as a musician he operates since 2002 in New York, the vegetarian restaurant Teany.