MobyGames is a website that cataloged computer games of the past and present. Currently (November 2013) can be information in the database to find over 75,000 games on 138 platforms, illustrated by over 550,000 screenshots. Should be noted here is that for each system version of the game created a new record and thus a misleading large number of games is given.

According to his own statements MobyGames is the world's largest project for the documentation of computer games.


MobyGames was on 1 March 1999 by Jim Leonard, Brian Shepherd, and David Berk - three friends from high school time - founded. Leonard then had the idea of ​​exchanging information about electronic games with a larger fan base on the Internet.

In the beginning there was only DOS - and Windows -based computer games on the site, because the founders were not familiar with other platforms. For the second birthday, the site was then extended to other systems like Playstation. The addition of further systems has continued. Now a total of 138 sites are listed.


MobyGames has been nominated on 11 April 2006 by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for the Webby Award.