Charles Mochet was a French manufacturer of automobiles and bicycles.

Company History

Charles Mochet founded the company in 1924 in Puteaux nud began with the production of automobiles and bicycles. The brand name of the motor vehicle was first CM. 1930 ended automobile production first. After the death of Charles Mochet in 1934, his son Georges Mochet headed the company. After the end of World War II also came back automobiles, this time under the brand name Mochet. 1958 ended automobile production. 1969, the company was dissolved.

Rolling stock

Automobiles with the brand name CM

Between 1924 and 1930, the company cyclecars put forth. For the drive was provided by a single-cylinder two -stroke engine with 350 cc displacement. The engine was mounted in the rear and drove through a chain to the rear axle. The gearbox had three gears. From 1929, an engine with 142 cc displacement was available.

Automobiles with the brand name Mochet

Beginning in 1945, small cars were again in the range. The single-cylinder engines with displacements of Ydral 100-175 cc were mounted in the rear. The bodies offered were revised over time, so they offered under other more weather protection.

Motor vehicles Lose

The company donated recumbents and four-wheeled bicycle manufacture cars.

Vehicles of this manufacturer can be seen in different auto museums.