Mochlos (Greek Μόχλος (n. sg. ) ) Is a village and an archaeological site in the east of the Greek island of Crete. The island of the same name is about 80m away from the mainland.


The village is located about halfway between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. Bears the same name, the small, the site upstream and thus the location protects against high waves island. You can reach the place only about two stub streets of Sfaka or Lastros. The village has according to official statistics of 2011 121 inhabitants, living there in the summer in addition to the tourists, numerous locals from the high places. Administratively Mochlos belongs to Tourloti.


The small, the place offshore island of the same name, was well connected in the time of colonization of the country, but the connection was destroyed as a result of earthquakes (1700 BC). Even today, lying under water connections can be seen. Since about 3000 BC Here there was a Minoan settlement. Archaeologists suspect that here was the most important seaport of the Minoans. In house -shaped tombs were found unique gold jewelry that is in the museum in Heraklion.

The excavations began in 1908, with Richard Seager. 1990 took American archaeologists under the auspices of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, work again. They continue to this day. On request it is possible to approach the island by boat and foot.

Visual impressions

Tallest building in the village

Church of Agios Titos, between the houses


Look at the taverns