Model (art)

Model as a draft

As a model (lat: modulus measure, scale ) the design for a plastic ( Bozzetto ) is referred to in the art of sculpture, which is designed as a plastic body made of clay, wax, plaster or other materials. From the model an equally large or larger, made ​​of a harder material plastic can be made into an art and fine art foundry. Common materials for the subsequent original include bronze, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, and gypsum Aramarmor.

Model as a person

The model in painting and sculpture is a naked ( nude model ) or clad person who is the artist in the studio or the student in art school when drawing or life drawing model. Especially the nude model is the exercise and the aim to understand the anatomy of the human body and convert artistically. A model can be for an emerging work of art, an act or a portrait of a model. Thus, for example, were repeatedly artists Paul Cézanne, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso Heinrich Vogeler or their wives or cohabitees model. By Marie - Hortense Fiquet, first model, later Cézanne's wife, there are about 26 paintings.