Modular Equipment Transporter

The Modular Equipment Transporter (MET, English for Modular Equipment Transporter) is a type of hand truck, which was being transported mainly on the Apollo 14 mission to transport equipment on the moon. It included a number of tools, which required the astronauts on their spacewalks on the surface, as well as smaller instruments. Integrates were two boxes, which provided space for the collected moon rocks. In addition, a 16 mm film camera was mounted, with which the crew was able to film in their work. The mobile received by the astronauts nicknamed the " rickshaw ".

During the missions Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 had been found that the astronauts despite various baby carriers had difficulty transporting equipment on the moon in his hands, which resulted in the construction of the MET within a short time. It was planned to use the MET in Apollo 13, Apollo 14 and Apollo 15. However, Apollo 13 did not carry landing and the originally planned mission Apollo 15 was canceled due to cost reasons. In the re-numbered Apollo 15 mission then the moon car Lunar Roving Vehicle was ready for use, so that the MET only one time was used. The total MET fulfilled the expectations placed in him not, especially in hilly terrain, as the drag of the car was very stressful and significantly slowed the astronauts.