Modulation (disambiguation)

Modulation stands for:

  • In electronic music a sound change that is generated through an effect unit, see effects unit ( music)
  • In heating technology controlling the heat generated a heating burner, see Modulating burner
  • Immune modulation in medicine, the influence of the immune system by pharmaceuticals
  • Modulation ( CAP ), in the political debate in Germany, as part of the agrarian reform, the shortening of compensation to farmers to invest the freed-up funds in environmental programs
  • Modulation (linguistics ) the grammatical possibilities of stress and intonation
  • Modulation (music), in music, a transition to a different key
  • Modulation (technology), in communications technology, a process in which a useful signal to be transmitted (eg, music, voice, data ) changed a so-called carrier ( modulated)
  • Modulative teeth in the performing arts, the integration of all image planes within and outside of an image with artistic and thematic funds
  • Neuromodulators, chemical substances that affect the operation of the nervous system
  • In optics: the local variation of the luminance in an optical imaging contrast see
  • Modulator (optics), the temporal or spatial variation of light
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