Moe Baby Blues

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Moe Baby Blues is the 22nd episode of the 14th season of The Simpsons. Hank Azaria won by this episode in 2003, the Emmy Awards in the category of Voice-Over Performance.


The depressed bartender Moe Szysklak wants to kill himself. As he stands in front of the bridge and wants to jump, the baby Maggie Simpson flies into his arms. It was just thrown out of the car. The Simpson family is eternally grateful to Moe and Marge hired him as a babysitter. Moe told her, among other things, a Mafia story. For the toddler makes a lot of fun, but for Homer, the father of a family, which is too much. Maggie sees Moe 's father and not in Homer. In addition to the babysitter to take care of them much better than the biological parents. Marge and Homer do not want to, that he take care of them. In one night, the mafia gathered in the garden of The Simpsons. Maggie remember these people in the story told Moe and follows them. Remember Homer and Marge, Maggie is gone, thinking that she was kidnapped by her former babysitter. But when Moe erfärt it, he wants to help Maggie to search. He risked his life by having them brings out an Italian restaurant, in which several mafias want to shoot each other. Moe survived and the Simpsons to thank him by he can take care of Maggie again.