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Template: Infobox city in Portugal / Maintenance / Web page is blank Mogadouro is a small town ( Vila ) and a circle ( concelho ) in Portugal with 3572 inhabitants (as at 30 June 2011).


Findings prove a local habitation date back to prehistoric times, the rock paintings of the Chalcolithic period or Wallburg ( Port.: Castro) from the Iron Age. Settlement remains dating from the 4th century BC were excavated in a hill. During the Roman rule, the town belonged to the province of Hispania Citerior. After the invasion of the German tribes Visigoths and Suevi left here, as in the rest of their empires, only a few tracks, including some tombs.

His first city rights ( Foral ) received Mogadouro in 1272 by King D.Afonso III. , Which were confirmed in 1297 by King D.Dinis. 1311 the site was handed over which is currently being established Order of Christ, in the wake of the ban of the Knights Templar. Renewed in 1512 King Manuel I, the city rights.

Culture and sights

Various historic public buildings and religious buildings are national monuments, as well as the remains of the castle ( Castelo de Mogadouro ) from the 12th century. The historical town center as a whole is protected.

At the Casa das Artes o Ofícios (German: House of Arts and Crafts), where the Tourist Office ( Turismo ) is housed, showrooms and studios, music and dance practice rooms, and a ballroom decorated. Regional arts and crafts are exhibited here, and in some cases made ​​public and available for purchase.

The event building Casa da Cultura (including cinema and concerts), the municipal library Biblioteca Municipal Trindade Coelho, the city archives Arquivo Municipal, and the archaeological museum Museu de Sala Archeology are more cultural sites Mogadouros.



Mogadouro is the seat of an eponymous district, which borders the southeast by Spain. The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Vimioso, Miranda do Douro, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Torre de Moncorvo, Alfândega da Fé and Macedo de Cavaleiros.

The following parishes ( freguesias ) lying in circle Mogadouro:

  • Azinhoso
  • Bemposta
  • Bruço
  • Brunhoso
  • Brunhozinho
  • Castanheira
  • Castelo Branco
  • Castro Vicente
  • Meirinhos
  • Mogadouro
  • Paradela
  • Penas Roias
  • Peredo da Bemposta
  • Remondes
  • Saldanha
  • Sanhoane
  • São Martinho do Peso
  • Soutelo
  • Travanca
  • Urros
  • Vale da Madre
  • Vale de Porco
  • Valverde
  • Ventozelo
  • Vila de Ala
  • Vilar de Rei
  • Vilarinho dos Galegos



  • France France: Guingamp Ploumagoar in Canton

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Manuel Martins Manso (1793-1871), Bishop of Funchal
  • José Trindade Coelho (1861-1908), writer and politician
  • Margarida Cordeiro ( born 1938 ), psychologist and film director of the Novo Cinema