Mohammad Salim Al-Awa

Mohamed Selim El- Awa (Arabic محمد سليم العوا, DMG Muḥammad al - ʿ Salīm auwa; * 1942 ) is an Egyptian jurist specialized in constitutional law. He is Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars ( للاتحاد العالمي لعلماء المسلمين ) and Chairman of the Egyptian Society for Culture and Dialogue ( جمعية _ مصر _ للثقافة _ والحوار ).


El- Awa was born in 1942 in Egypt, the son of a political activist. Through his father, followers of Hassan al- Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood ), it has already been introduced at an early age into the world of politics. His parents' house was deeply religious, remained over the world but always open. He grew up in the neighborhood for many Christians, Muslims, Armenians, Lebanese and British, who taught him early how to deal with people of different religions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He studied Islamic jurisprudence ( usul al - fiqh / أصول الفقه / usul al - fiqh) at the University of Alexandria, where he first began a PhD after his successful completion. His relations with the Muslim Brotherhood earned him a reprimand from the university. At the behest of his teacher and today father Hassan El- Ashmawi he was accepted as a doctoral student at the School of Oriental and African Studies ( SOAS ), University of London. In May 1972 he received his doctorate for a study comparing the punishment systems in Islamic and Anglo-Saxon legal systems. After a few years in the Gulf States, where he was involved in the establishment of legal institutions at various universities, he In 1985 he returned to Egypt and taught constitutional law at the University of Zagazig.

Political Views

El- Awa is Egyptian nationalist and is considered one of the more important voices of Islamist intellectuals and represents for many the voice of the Muslim mainstream. He has a moderate political orientation, so he has at times of al - Wasat Party, which had broken away in 1995 by the Muslim Brotherhood connected.


He was one of the 138 signatories of the open letter A Common Word between Us and You (English A Common Word Between Us and You), the personalities of Islam to "leaders of Christian churches everywhere" (English " Leaders of Christian Churches, everywhere ... " ) submitted (13 October 2007).


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