Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Moldova as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

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Regularity of participation and success in competition

Moldova increased in 2005 for the first time in the contest. Bate with a second place in the semi-finals and a sixth place in the final for Bunica toba managed a successful debut, to which one since then but could not connect. 2008 Moldova failed at the final qualification, in other years fluctuated between placements in the final 10th place (2007) and No. 22 (2010).

National preliminary decisions


Before Moldovan preliminary decision in 2006 a large semi-final was held with a total of 25 participants, of which the 13 best qualified for the final. The latter ended in disaster: Three participants ended up with the same score on the first place. For this case, the rules no solution was provided, after which the preliminary decision was postponed. Three weeks later found a new place decider with five participants. Only one of them had participated in the first preliminary round, the other four were selected completely new.


2007, the Moldovan representative and their titles were selected internally. Nevertheless, the 35 submitted papers were published on the Internet and reports on the progress of the decision-making process.


2010 selection show was organized by the Moldovan television. In two semifinals and a final of the representatives was determined by telephone and SMS voting.

2005 and 2011

2005, a "classic" decider was held at which 15 artists participated, each with a title. The winner was determined by a jury and televoting, each with a weighting of 50%. In 2011, 20 instead of 15 songs in part. The winners, as well as in the debut Zdob şi Zdub 2005.


2012 classic decider will be held on television again. On March 10, a televoting is organized in a TV show. The competent broadcaster TRM published the participants songs online in advance.


On 15 January 2013, the TRM published 49 artists on its website. A panel of experts and former participants in the Euro vision choose from these 24 participants from the selection shows. The two semi-finals took place in the studios of the TRM on 12 and 14 March. In each of six artists each qualified for the final on March 16. For this, the singer Aliona Moon came out with the song ' A Million ' as the winner.


Until 31 January Moldovan artists were invited to submit their song in the TRM. On February 1, the performers were held on the 24 participants for the two semi-finals on 11 and 13 March in Chisinau before a live jury. From each are both 6 qualify for the final on March 15. All three shows will be broadcast live on Moldova 1 and on the internet in live stream.


Bunica bate toba was presented in English and in the native language Romanian 2005. Loca was sung in the year, mainly in English, but also contained a few words in Spanish. Fight in 2007 was the first contribution, which was sung entirely in English, the same applies to 2008. Currently no contribution by the original artist was included in a different language. Nelly Ciobanu 2009 sang her song Hora din Moldova in English and Romanian. 2010, 2011 and 2012 was again completely sung in English ( with the exception of the Moldavian title ' Lautar ' in 2012). The contribution of 2013 was first sung in the preliminary round in English, but the competition in the local language.