Molehill Empire

Molehill Empire is a system developed by Upjers browser game in which the player maintains a virtual garden. The first server was opened on February 10, 2008, each server is independent of the other servers. The German version contains an average of 17,815 players each in 46 game worlds. Altogether there are about 801 676 in the German version player accounts, with many players in multiple game worlds possess an account (as of 30 October 2010). Worldwide, there are 3,213,967 accounts (as at 30 October 2010).

  • 3.1 Price lists

Game scenario

Each player gets to start a garden, it can be planted with various plants. These are first and carrot salad; increase with each level in addition to the number of available plant species and their growth period. But the points can thereby be achieved ( every ten minutes fitting time and occupied the field, the player gets a point ) increase. The garden is initially available only in part and has weeds, stones, tree stumps and two moles that need to remove it. The in-game currency called root Taler ( wT ). By farming the garden area and then sell the harvest to other players on the market or to the system in the form of so-called Wimps a revenue is obtained. With this, the garden can be maintained and new plants, decorative materials and other gardens are purchased. You can buy a second garden and from level 10 to visit the nursery to level 8. From the 12th level, you can enter the greenhouse where you can then cacti, which give more points than "normal" plants. During the growing period, the plants and cactus can be cast, thereby the remaining growth time is reduced by 5%. Through research and fertilization can be additionally again about 70 % of the growth time savings. Furthermore, it is possible to create a so-called show garden. This shows a snapshot of your own home. The show garden can by any player with a rating from 1 ( bad) to 10 (very good) stars are measured. The get a free month premium account, which has certain advantages over players who play without premium account with the most reviews per month.


In Wurzelimperium exist 50 different plants, including ten flowers, 15 trees and 25 fruit and vegetables, which can be purchased on the market, on the farm, in the nursery and in the flower shop and also sold on the market again. Four plants, however, are not tradable.

Decorative Items

By Dekoartikel more Wimps (customers) may be attracted to. These can be bought at the hardware store and traded on the market.

Additional Features

As in most browser games, it is also possible to purchase additional features using real money. With the so-called premium account you can see a third garden, a second shelf, Gießzwerg and buy a car, with the visit at any time of the player to another city and can buy additional plants and services. The cars can also get an upgrade. In addition, you can switch in the city between the shelves.


Third-party tools

At Molehill several tools have also been developed by users, to facilitate the users with various actions in the game. There are also bots that automate work processes, but these are forbidden according to terms of the provider. The allowable tools are divided into different categories. On the one hand there are tools that calculate the economics of WIMPs and compare them with market prices (eg Wimpomat, WimProz ). In addition, there are tools for planning the installation of products and to calculate the utilization of your own home (eg Dr Panic tool, root market). There are also tools for garden planning / show garden planning (eg garden designer ). All these tools are according to the developers no bots, even if the manufacturer advises against the use of these tools and the Apply forbids in its forums.

Price lists

Price lists contain prices of products of the root Empire in the market square root of the empire. The price lists are daily users, sometimes several times, updated manually. That is, the market prices are entered in a table. Tools such as the Wimpomat, Wimproz or Wimp Street use these price lists in order to perform a calculation of profitability can. So the player can know whether it is more economical to a wimp or in the market to sell his goods as the prices here vary in some cases drastically, and the Wimps make times better and sometimes worse tender offers.

Other languages

Molehill Empire was translated into English, Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Swedish, Hungarian, Portuguese and into Romanian.

The translated versions have significantly fewer registered users than the German version. In the English Molehill Empire which is about 194 392 users in the Netherlands about 35 956, in Polish 909 655, 289 499 in Russian, in Spanish 68 205, about 122 351 in French, Turkish approximately 230 167 and 83 597 in Bulgarian about. (As of 31 January 2010).