Molinaseca is a municipality on the Camino de Santiago in the province of León of Castile-Leon autonomous region. Through the village of Río Meruelo flows.

For the Roman period, it is believed that there was a mansio called rest-house and horse-changing station of the highway Braga - Astorga here. The Romanesque bridge over the Meruelo is also interpreted as an indication of the historical significance Molinasecas as a transit point as the investment of the place along a street, Calle Real, which was also the hospice for pilgrims lay and formerly Calle de los Peregrinos, ie, Pilgrim Street said.


  • Baroque chapel of Virgen de las Anguish
  • Neoclassical church of San Nicolás with a statue of St. Roch in pilgrim garb
  • Roman bridge over the Río Meruelo
  • Coats of arms mansions along the Calle Real