Molodtsov alphabet

The Molodtsov alphabet is an alphabet that was used in the 1920s for the Komi language.

It is based on a modified Cyrillic alphabet, the number of additional characters were added. 1931, it was replaced by the Latin alphabet, which was in turn replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet.

The alphabet consists of 33 letters, of which eight ( De Ԁ, Dje Ԃ, ZJE Ԅ, Dzje Ԇ, LJE Ԉ, Nje Ԋ, Sje Ԍ and Tje Ԏ ) used in this alphabet: А а, Б б, В в, Г г, Ԁ ԁ, Ԃ ԃ, Д д, Е е, Ж ж, Ԅ ԅ, Ԇ ԇ, И и, Ј ј, К к, Л л, Ԉ ԉ, М м, Н н, Ԋ ԋ, О о, П п, Р р, С с, Ԍ ԍ, Т т, Ԏ ԏ, У у, Ф ф, Х х, Ч ч, Ш ш, Щ щ, Ы ы


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