Moltrasio is a town on Lake Como with 1623 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Province of Como.

The place is located 8 kilometers northwest of the city of Como, 9 kilometers from the Swiss border and 50 kilometers from Milan on the important trade route, the Via Regina, which connects over the Splügenpass and the Maloja pass in Northern Europe and Italy.

The village is characterized by medieval houses ( borgo ) and stately mansions that are built from the shore of the lake rises steeply to the slopes of Mount Bisbino. Above the town are the ancient quarries Niasc " cave di pietra moltrasina ", from which the famous Italian natural stone was beaten.

Moltrasio was the summer home of fashion designer Gianni Versace (Villa La Fontanella ) and the composer Vincenzo Bellini (Villa Scalvi ). Winston Churchill was also a frequent visitor (Villa Le Rose).

The most important building of Moltrasio is next to the restored Villa Passalaqua the San Agata church. Today it is primarily a meeting place for the Milan Society.