Mona Sahlin

Mona Ingeborg Sahlin ( born March 9, 1957 in Sollefteå ) is a Swedish politician. She was from March 2007 to March 2011 Chairman of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Sweden (SAP).

During her childhood Mona Sahlin father worked in different schools, which is why the family had to move often. Since the mid- 1960s, the family lived in the Stockholm suburb of Nacka, where the politician still lives. At the beginning of the 1970s she was a member of the youth organization of the Swedish social democracy, SSU. In 1982, she married Bo Sahlin and was first elected in the same year in the Swedish Parliament. In 1990, she was Secretary of Labor. After losing 1991 election Mona Sahlin was General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party.

As Ingvar Carlsson announced in autumn 1995 that he would resign soon, Sahlin was the only one who stood as a candidate for the party presidency. As occurred in the wake of the so-called Toblerone affair to light that Mona Sahlin with the credit card of the government various private purchases (including two bars Toblerone ) had between funded, also private bills paid late and speeding tickets had ignored for illegal parking, Sahlin was forced to withdraw her candidacy. In April 1996, she also admitted her place in the Reichstag.

1997 Mona Sahlin has been appointed as Chairman of the European Year Against Racism. A year later, she was principal of the educational institution Bommersvik and the same year appointed Prime Minister Göran Persson them back into the government, as a Deputy Minister of Economy. In 2004, she was environmental and Gesellschaftsbauministerin, a post she held until the election defeat of the Social Democrats in September 2006.

On March 17, 2007 Mona Sahlin was elected at a party congress unanimously as successor to the retiring chairman Göran Persson. Both Margot Wallström and Karin Jämtin and Ulrica Messing had refused to request a bid. Mona Sahlin was the first woman at the helm of the Swedish Social Democrats and conservative challenger of the incumbent Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

In the case of an election victory in that took place in September 2010 Reichstag elections the opposition Left Alliance wanted to stop ( the red-green ), led by Mona Sahlin the construction of new nuclear power plants in Sweden. However, the Social Democrats reached in the election only 30.7 percent of the vote and thus the worst result of the party since 1914. On November 14, 2010 at Sahlin announced to abandon the party chairmanship. At a special congress of the Social Democrats in early 2011 they will no longer be standing and not retaining their seat in Parliament. Her successor Håkan Juholt was chosen.

On 25 January 2012, the Swedish government Mona Sahlin nominated as a candidate for the post of Director-General of the International Labour Organisation ( ILO), which became vacant after the resignation of Chileans Juan Somavia. In elections in May 2012, Sahlin could not prevail among the nine candidates. Was elected the Englishman Guy Ryder.