Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest

This article deals with the history of Monaco as participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Regularity of participation

Monaco took in 1959 and up to and including 1979 each year in the contest. In 1980, one out of disinterest from the Song Contest back in 2004 and returned back again. After three unsuccessful participation - you failed each of the final qualification - no more posting was submitted in 2007. The reason called the Monegasque television poor chances of success as well as the imbalance of the rating system. Since then, Monaco opted not to participate at this.

Success in competition

For its first participation Monaco reached only the last place, but was in the following years more successful: So far, Monaco was once gain the victory at the Euro Vision Song Contest, namely 1971 arbre with the singer Séverine and the song Un banc, un, une rue. In addition, the country's second, three times reached the third and fourth twice and fifth once. After returning to the competition in 2004 Monaco remained but without further success. All posts from 2004 to 2006 came to the rearmost four places in the semifinals and thus missed the leap into the Saturday night show. Total landed yet 14 of the 24 featured songs, almost 60 %, in the front half of the rating table.


Hardly any of the Monegasque representative actually came from the Principality comprehensive 30,000 inhabitants, most originated rather from France. Known exceptions are the Monegasque singer Maryon and a native of the former Yugoslavia Tereza. The only winner that -, also from France - singer Séverine, later said never to have been in Monaco prior to the competition and never to have been invited there by the TV, even after their victory.


Monaco was very faithful even in years in which no official language regime reigned ( 1973-1976 and since 1999), its national language, French: All posts have been at least partially, and most of them sung entirely in French. Only in 1970 were in the song Marlène - which dealt with Marlene Dietrich - a few words in English and German included. The latest up to post 2006 contained some words in Tahitian. Many songs also recorded versions in other languages ​​, mainly English, German, Spanish and Italian.

List of posts

Color legend: - Victories. - A tie to the last place. - Contributions finals.

Note: Wins are yellow, light red in years without finals.


  • Françoise Hardy in 1963 was the first woman in the competition, which presented a self-composed and texted contribution.
  • Both Romuald and Michèle Torr except Monaco also have the small country of Luxembourg, represented - both artists are originally from France
  • All Monegasque representative were selected internally by the national television station.
  • Monaco is the only country that has won the competition though, but never discharged: As Monaco saw no way in 1972 to host the Euro Vision Song Contest, was the host role to the BBC and thus released to the UK.