Monark, also Cykelfabriken Monark AB, is a Swedish company that became particularly through their production of bicycles, light motorcycles and motorcycle awareness.

It was founded in 1908 in Varberg Birger Svensson ( 1883-1944 ) and produced at peak times per day up to 1,000 two-wheelers of all kinds

After privateer had modified the popular Leichtkräder own initiative and successfully participated in off-road racing events, there was also a sports commitment of the company. When participating in the Six Days started in 1954 eight Monark Equipment: All eight drivers won a gold medal. The following year, Sten Lundin won on a 500cc Monark then the Motocross World Championship.

1960, entered into a merger with Nymanbolagen from Uppsala and the name changed in 1964 Monark Crescent AB or MCB.

In the following years, the company expanded in terms of product range and production locations, such as was assumed the outboard production of Husqvarna, in addition also produced radio and opened a plant in Brazil. While working in the peak around 2000 people at Monark, it came from the late 1960s to layoffs, plant closures and product adjustments. The factory in Uppsala, for example, was sold in 1973 to Volvo.

Today Monark is a part of Cycleurope it work in Varberg for about 80 people and the company belongs to the Grimaldi Industri AB.

Monark is also the name of a monophonic synthesizer software-based, published in March 2013 by the Berlin-based company Native Instruments.