Monasterio de Santa María de Aciveiro

Daughter monasteries


The monastery Acibeiro ( Aciveiro or Santa María de Acibeiro; Azebeyrum ) is a former Cistercian monastery in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia in Spain. It is located around 50 km north- west of Pontevedra in the community Forcarei on the road to Lalin.


The monastery was founded in 1135 as a Benedictine monastery. The Cistercian Order it closed around 1170 (according to other sources until 1225 ). The monastery is considered as a direct daughter house of Clairvaux Abbey Primary. 1505 decreed Pope Julius II 's accession to the Castilian Cistercian Congregation, is said to have but not completed until 1519. The monastery in 1809 affected by French troops. In its resolution by the government Mendizábal in 1835, the monastery belonged to only eight monks. Since 1974 there is a community of friends of the monastery, which is now a folklore museum.

Buildings and plant

The three-nave, transept and fünfjochige loose church is Romanesque with Baroque alterations to the facade. It was consecrated to 1170. The east side has three semi-circular vestibules, of which the average is clearly larger than the two lateral. The irregularly shaped exam is on the right ( south ) of the Church.