Mondego River

Location of the Mondego

Parque do Mondego in Coimbra

The Mondego is a river in Portugal. It is 234 km long and is the longest river flowing exclusively through Portugal. It rises in 1425 m altitude in the Serra da Estrela and ends at Figueira da Foz in the Atlantic. At its source it bears the name Mondeguinho ( " small Mondego "). In Roman times the river was called Munda.

On its way from source to mouth it flows past Manteigas, Celorico da Beira, Penacova, Coimbra and Montemor -o -Velho. In Carregal do Sal, in the Baixo Mondego the Anta de Lapa Orca Fiães because telha lying there on its banks. Its main tributaries are with which it forms on the right side of the Dão an artificial lake, and left of Alva, the Ceira, the Arunca and Pranto.

At the Mondego, among others are the dams Barragem da Aguieira ( 423 million m³), Barragem do Coico and Barragem because Raiva (24 million m³).

The distance between Penacova Coimbra and is ideal for canoeists.

The valley is spread field of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster ).